Friday, January 13, 2006

peaceful approaches

Peace Movement: extend this concept to include commitment to peace by government, regional private fighters, coalition forces, local governors, accountable to peace programs.

Peace Education: to be introduced at all school levels all over like education, knowledge of own culture.

Peace Journalism: that all decent media also focus on ways out of conflicts, building a solution culture, not a violence culture.

Nonviolence: that nonviolent ways of fighting for a cause and to defend own integrity.

Peacemaking/conflict transformation: conflict handling knowledge and skills as part of training citizens anywhere, like hygiene.

Peace Culture: that people start discussing their own culture, what can be done to make it more peace-productive, and then do it.

Basic Needs: respect for the basic needs of everybody.

Peace building: cultivate good and bad rather than good or bad images of Taliban, Afghan westerners, warlords, and positive ties in all directions.

War Abolition: discouraging and outlawing import, smuggling, distribution, possession, use and exposure of offensive arms.

Peace Zones: starting with yourself as a peace zone of one person based on the principles above, construct an island of peace.


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