Friday, January 13, 2006

Where Will Non-Violence Take Us?

No Afghan in his private capacity -- as a citizen -- may morally initiate violence and force against others, neither may he in his public capacity -- as a Local Ruler (strongman) or a state official -- initiate force either.

Morally, no Afghan may initiate violence and force for any reason, even if that reason claims to be for the "public good". (For is not the individual, whose rights are being violated for the "public good", a member of the "public" also?)

What then does a proper government consist of? In order to protect rights, a government requires three things: an army -- to protect against foreign invaders, a police force -- to protect against domestic criminals, and a court system -- to settle honest disputes that arise, enforce contracts, and to punish criminals, according Islam and objectively predefined laws.

In a free society each and every man lives under a rule of law, as opposed to a whim-ridden rule of men. The rule of law has only one proper purpose: to protect the rights of the smallest minority that has ever existed -- the individual.

Such a body of integrated, codified, and non-contradictory laws forms objective legislation, which holds a man innocent until he can be proven guilty, as opposed to a library of irrational regulations which hold a man guilty until he can somehow prove himself innocent, to the gratification of a local ruler (Powerful Man) or some misanthrope able to gain a foothold in government.

The supreme legal document of a proper society is the constitution -- a citizen's protection against both private criminals and public officials who seek to imitate the criminal's methods. The aim of constitution is to protect individual rights. In other words, a citizen is free to do whatever he is not explicitly forbidden (under a proper legal system the only act forbidden is violence and the violation of the rights).

Can you imagine of a society where violence is banned from all relationships?

Non-violence would not make every man moral, nor would it prevent every injustice. But, think what it could do?

It would result in:

A society of good will and compassion, where each man sees his neighbor not as part of a gang ready to rob him, but as a brother, from which he can gain immense knowledge and values.

A society where each man is prepared to judge and be judged -- not by the ethnic group he belongs to, but by the content of his character.

A society where each man is free to pursue his own happiness.

A society where one man's gain is never at someone else's sacrifice, but at best is to the mutual benefit of both.

A society where the evil is not rewarded, but punished and the good is admired, and praised. A society where virtue is not a weakness, but a strength.

A society where education is not a brainwashing, but truly becomes a "mind-expanding" experience.

A society of peace, prosperity, and happiness. And in time, a society of men living in harmony with reality, guided by the process of rea


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